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Sales Artists is not just the name of our company, it’s the end objective of our sales performance improvement solutions. Understanding that a “one size fits all” mentality to sales performance solutions will cause nearly 85% of all sales training to have no impact on revenue after 90 days, Sales Artists goes well beyond just driving Sales 2.0 initiatives.

By taking a comprehensive approach to our client’s sales improvement goals, we customize every opportunity by immersing ourselves into our clients’ culture, mind, and more importantly, their sales performance objectives.
Through the integration of:

  • Customer-focused methodologies
  • Leadership coaching workshops
  • Efficiency-enhancing technologies
  • Advanced linguistics coaching
  • Reinforcement through multiple emerging technologies platforms

Our typical client engagement delivers double-digit sustained growth. Imagine sales performance workshops that cause sales activity, appointments and close ratios to increase during the week that your sales teams are in training.

Blending the science of selling with the Art of Selling in a way that compresses the time it takes to build trust, establish rapport, positioning solutions that grows long-term sustainable customer relationships and leads to more closed opportunities, is not just our core-competency, but our passion and what we do well. We transform traditional training to sales artistry that works…Read More

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